Recommended Books For Learning VLSI | Analog VLSI | Digital VLSI

Recommended Books for VLSI

Must Read Books in VLSI

In this post we are going to share with you the recommended books that one  must read in order to master vlsi. 

While learning vlsi it can be broadly classified as Analog VLSI and Digital VLSI. I have listed down the must read books for each category along with some description related to the books.

Recommended Books for Analog VLSI

1. Design of Analog CMOS Integrated Circuits

This is one of the first book you may be reading to  learn analog vlsi as most of the universities follow this book. This book covers most of the theories with good mathematical derivations.  This is a good book to read the general theory of analog ic design. So your first step in learning Analog VLSI will start with this book.

2. CMOS Analog Circuit Design


This book is one the best book which explains netley  how to make a circuit with the given specifications. This book provides good example of practical circuit design and help to build intuitive understanding of the circuits. You need to have some basic background knowledge before starting reading this book.  So first read the book by razavi for theory then move to this book to gain insight into circuit design.


Recommended Books for Digital  VLSI

1. Digital Integrated Circuits: A Design Perspective

This is one of the best book to start learning digital vlsi. This book provides  different digital circuits with solid explanation along with simulated results. This book will help you to get intuitive understanding of the various digital circuits as the author does not use mathematics rather use intuitive basic electronics to explain a topic. To learn the circuit level digital vlsi, this is one of the must read book.




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