Synopsys Interview Questions for Analog Design Engineer

Analog Design Engineer Interview Questions

Synopsys Interview Questions

In this post I am going to share Synopsys Interview Questions for Analog Design Engineer Job profile. I applied to their website and got a call from HR for a face to face interview at their Bangalore office. As I was outside Bangalore, HR scheduled a Telephonic Interview next day. It was an one to one interview over the telephone. I am sharing the questions and some answers of the interview below.

Q1 . If given a resistor and a capacitor, what can you make using them?

Ans.  I told that I can use them as LPF and HPF. Need to take output across cap for LPF and for HPF output should be taken across resistance.

Q2. What is the unit step response of LPF filter?vlsi RC CKt Ans. As you know, the voltage across capacitor Vout will rise exponentially from zero to reach the unit value.

Q3. How to generate a square wave from a sine wave.

Q4. How to generate sine  wave from a square wave?

Q5. What is a ring oscillator?

Q6. Can you make a ring oscillator using only one inverter?  Give reason.

Q7. What would be voltage across the Capacitor C1 (Vout) if step current is applied to the below circuit? What is the time constant of this circuit.


Q8.  The above circuit was modified like below and same questions were asked.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask in comment section below.

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Harshvardhan Sinha
Harshvardhan Sinha
3 years ago

Did you got selected.

1 year ago
Reply to  admin

Why? any specific reason?