Overlapping Sequence Detector Verilog Code | 1001 Sequence Detector | FSM Verilog Code

Overlapping Sequence Detector Verilog Code

1001 Sequence Detector Verilog Code


In this post we are going to discuss the verilog code of 1001 sequence detector. The sequence detector is of overlapping type. It means that the sequencer keep track of  the  previous sequences. Whenever the sequencer finds the incoming sequence matches with the 1001 sequence it gives the output 1.

As moore machine is used mostly in all practical designs the verilog code for 1001 sequence detector fsm is written in moore fsm logic.

1001 Sequence Detector State Diagram is given below.

The verilog code for overlapping moore sequence detector is  given below.


1001 Sequence Detector Simulation Result

1001 sequence detector


If you have any query/suggestion please feel free to comment below the post.

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2 years ago

how to see the output for the above program

Tony Stark
Tony Stark
22 days ago
Reply to  swetha.p

You can use online EDA playground website