List of Semiconductor Companies in India | VLSI Companies in India

This post contains a list of all semiconductor companies currently present in India.
This list will give you some guidance while searching for job/work opportunity in India.
It will also give some knowledge to all freshers and students who want to come to semiconductor industry. Most of the semiconductor companies in India are present in Bangalore, Karnataka and then Hyderabad and Noida.

The semiconductor companies present in India can be broadly classified as Product based Company, Service Based Company and Product Based Startups.
The product based companies are leader in industry. These are mostly MNC companies present all over the world and does everything from product development to market. These companies have significant present in some niche market category. Then there are services based companies that provide semiconductor service to product companies. These companies provide manpower to the product based companies. These companies function same as TCS, Infosys etc. IT companies function. Lastly, there are some fabless Indian startups that develop indigenous ics. Mostly these are focused on Analog RF space. These companies also develop ips (mostly analog hard ips) for product based companies.

Product Based Semiconductor Companies In India:
1. Intel
2. Nvidia
3. Western Digital
4. Texas Instruments
5. Infineon
6. Global Foundry
7. Cypress Semiconductor (Acquired to Infineon)
8. Mediatek
10. Synopsys
11. Qualcomm
12. Juniper Networks
13. Cisco
14. IBM
15. ROHM Semiconductor
16. Analog Devices
17. NXP
18. STMicroelectronics
19. Microchip
20. Ansys
21. Synaptics
22. Samsunng Electronics
23. Mentor Graphics
24. Cadence Design Systems
25. Maxim Integrated
26. Rambus
27. Micron
28. Renesas Electronics
29. Google
30. Marvell Semiconductor
31. AMD
32. National Instruments
33. MaxLiner
34. ON Semiconductor
35. Analog Devices
36. ARM

Service Based VLSI Companies in India:
1. Altran
2. HCL
3. Graphene
4. Blueberry Semiconductors
5. Wipro
6. Cerium
7. Tessolv
8. Sankalp semiconductor
9. Adept Chips
10. Waferspace
11. L&T Technology Services Limited
12. Mirafra
13. IntSemi
and many more…

Product Based Startup Companies:
1. Aura Semiconductor
2. Saankhya Labs
3. Open-Silicon
4. Invecas
5. Masamb Electronics Systems
6.Redpine Signals (Acquired by Silicon Labs)
7. Signal Chip
8. SoCtronics
and many more..

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